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Cybersecurity Services

AI AEGIS Lab Cybersecurity Services are delivered by our experts, across a range of Penetration Testing and Compliance services, to ensure your digital infrastructure is resilient, secure, and compliant with industry standards.

Penetration Testing

Our expert team implements comprehensive penetration testing services customized for your web-apps, data storage, cloud and digital assets and operations.

Compliance Standards

Our experts will assist you to navigate through and meet complex compliance standards: ISO 27001, GDPR, SOC 2, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA.

Cybersecurity AI Solutions

AI Aegis Lab Cybersecurity Solutions are made of integrated components that manage all cybersecurity data from logs and applications, and use these in a multi-layered AI machines to model the behavior of all entities and processes across your digital landscape, and identifies insider threats be it from trusted users or intruders.

Cyber Data Lake

Advanced and flexible data lake to gather, integrate, structure, save and manage all log and operation files from any source, system and SIEMs.

Cyber AI Platform

Robust AI platform to model the behavior and detect anomalies across users, entities, end-points, assets, and networks populating your digital ecosystem.

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AI Aegis Lab Cybersecurity offers a range of powerful features to enhance your cybersecurity efforts:

Manufacturing. The manufacturing sector faces challenges like resource limitations, technological reluctance, regulatory compliance, and increasing cyber threats. Their hesitancy in tech adoption heightens vulnerabilities, while budget constraints impede security measures. Compliance with global standards requires continuous vigilance, emphasizing the need to protect intellectual property from cyberattacks and data breaches. Learn more

Retail & Ecommerce. AI Aegis Lab offers specialized cybersecurity solutions for the retail & ecommerce sector, addressing challenges like budgetary constraints, rapid technological evolution, and regulatory compliance. The industry is a prime target for cyberattacks due to its vast consumer data, necessitating advanced protection. AI Aegis Lab ensures platform safety and maintains the confidentiality of customer information amidst these threats. Learn more

Energy. AI Aegis Lab offers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for the energy industry. The sector faces challenges like limited tech budgets, outdated systems, and complex regulations, making it susceptible to increasing cyber threats. AI Aegis Lab ensures robust security protocols, addressing these issues and safeguarding infrastructure and data.Learn More

Education. The education sector faces unique challenges such as constrained resources, technological reluctance, and the need for regulatory compliance, making them vulnerable to increasing cybersecurity threats. Many institutions struggle with tight budgets, historical hesitations towards adopting new technology, and evolving data protection regulations. AI Aegis Lab provides advanced cybersecurity solutions tailored to these challenges, safeguarding student and staff data. Learn more

Financial Services. AI Aegis Lab offers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored for the financial sector, addressing budget constraints, modern IT transition needs, and ever-evolving cyber threats, while ensuring continuous regulatory compliance. The financial industry faces challenges from limited tech budgets, traditional IT practices, and strict regulations like GLBA and PCI DSS. With the looming threat of data breaches, AI Aegis Lab ensures robust security frameworks, protecting both financial data and customer trust. Learn more

Healthcare. AI Aegis Lab provides tailored cybersecurity solutions for healthcare industries, addressing HIPAA compliance, resource constraints, slow tech adoption, and modern cyber threats. We prioritize patient data integrity and offer services like network assessments and penetration testing to combat data breaches and ensure system security. Learn more

Transportation. The transportation industry grapples with challenges like limited tech budgets, slow digital adaptation, and navigating intricate IMO and ICAO regulations. As digitization grows, so do cybersecurity threats and potential data breaches, emphasizing the urgent need for advanced security. AI Aegis Lab provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored for transportation, addressing these unique challenges and ensuring stakeholder trust. Learn more

Government, NGO and Non-profit Agencies. Government agencies face unique cybersecurity challenges due to their complex infrastructure and vital data. These challenges include budgetary constraints hindering advanced cyber defences, a slow pace in adopting modern technology, stringent regulatory compliance, heightened risk of cyber espionage, and the catastrophic consequences of data breaches. AI Aegis Lab offers specialized services to help these agencies bolster their defences and protect their data.Learn more

Government & Public Sector. The public sector faces unique cybersecurity challenges due to budget constraints, slow tech adoption, and intricate government regulations. These challenges, combined with rising cyber threats, make strong defense measures crucial. AI Aegis Lab offers tailored solutions to aid public entities in maintaining robust security and safeguarding their data. Learn more

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