Strengthen Your Defences with Proactive Security Actions

Cybersecurity professional services to proactively identify and mitigate vulnerabilities. Simulate real-world attacks and defense with our expert teams.

Strengthen Your Defences with Proactive Security Actions

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Defend Your Digital Ecosystem in the Cloud Era

Strengthen your security with an advanced cybersecurity platform: SIEM, XDR, Surface Attack Management, AI UEBA insider threat detection.

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Defend Your Data & Digital Assets with AI Solutions

Leverage machine and deep learning AI solutions tailored for cybersecurity. Identify insider anomaly and threats with AI modeling of UEBA.

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Cybersecurity Products

AI Aegis Lab provides an integrated suite of enhanced cybersecurity tools, delivering automated, comprehensive protection. Designed for seamless operation and robust defense, our platform offers transparent, continuous security, catering to diverse organizational needs.


Integrated Defense, Real-time Response, Advanced Threat Detection

AEGIS XDR revolutionizes cyber defense by seamlessly integrating multiple security layers for advanced threat detection and rapid response. This Extended Detection and Response solution ensures heightened security visibility and swift action against evolving cyber threats, significantly reducing incident response times. AEGIS XDR is an essential tool for enterprises seeking a robust, proactive approach to cybersecurity.



Asset Discovery, Vulnerability Identification, Continuous Protection

AEGIS VulScan, the advanced Attack Surface Management solution from AI Aegis Lab, is designed to analyze and minimize network vulnerabilities continually. This tool systematically scans digital assets, pinpointing security gaps with precision. Its proactive monitoring capability ensures that risks are identified and mitigated swiftly, making it an essential component for a resilient and robust cybersecurity strategy in a constantly changing digital environment.



Behavioral Analysis, Anomaly Detection, Insider Threat Prevention

AEGIS AIUEBA, AI Aegis Lab’s AI driven UEBA solution, utilizes advanced Deep and Machine Learning algorithms to model users and entities behavior and identify anomalies signaling potential insider security threats. This tool effectively detects irregular activities, flagging insider threats and compromised accounts. AEGIS AIUEBA enhances your cybersecurity defenses, offering proactive risk management and intelligent threat detection in a user-friendly format.


AEGIS SecIntel

Real-time Monitoring, Event Correlation, Security Alerts

AEGIS SecIntel, AI Aegis Lab’s advanced SIEM solution, offers efficient real-time monitoring and sophisticated event correlation. It swiftly generates accurate security alerts by analyzing diverse data sources, ensuring rapid threat identification and response. Essential for any proactive security strategy, AEGIS SecIntel provides a comprehensive, unified view of your cybersecurity landscape, protecting against the dynamic nature of cyber threats.

AEGIS SecIntel

AEGIS SecRadar

Cyber Threat Insights, Predictive Analysis, Proactive Security

AEGIS SecRadar, the advanced Threat Intelligence tool from AI Aegis Lab, offers critical insights into emerging cyber threats through predictive analysis. It empowers organizations with actionable intelligence, enhancing their ability to preemptively address security risks. By analyzing global threat data, AEGIS SecRadar ensures businesses stay ahead in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape.

AEGIS SecRadar

AI Aegis Lab Services

Shaping Resilient Cyber Futures. Our approach blends expertise in uncovering vulnerabilities and strengthening defenses, ensuring your digital environment is safeguarded against the unseen.

Penetration Testing

AI Aegis Lab provides comprehensive Penetration Testing across web, network, API, and IoT platforms. Our experts identify and reinforce vulnerabilities, ensuring robust, multi-faceted cyber defenses.

Compliance Standards

Our services ensure compliance with key cybersecurity standards and best practices, aligning your security measures with vital regulatory frameworks and addressing the complexities of industry-specific requirements.

Red Team / Blue Team

Our Red and Blue Teams provide a comprehensive cybersecurity approach. Through attack simulations and defense enhancement, we ensure your robust readiness against cyber threats.

Elevating Security with AI Innovation

Explore AI-driven cybersecurity solutions tailored to complex digital landscapes. Our suite includes innovative tools and expert services designed for dynamic protection.

AI-Powered Security

Leverage the latest in artificial intelligence to proactively identify and mitigate cyber threats.

Comprehensive Digital Defense

From XDR to ASM, our tools cover all aspects of your security needs.

Tailored Penetration Testing

Our expert-led pentesting simulates real-world attacks, ensuring your defenses are ironclad.

Dynamic Red and Blue Teaming

Stay ahead of attackers with our strategic offensive and defensive cyber operations.

Advanced UEBA and SIEM Integration

Enhance threat detection and response with our sophisticated UEBA and SIEM tools.

Customized Solutions

Expertly tailored AI-driven security solutions and services to meet your unique cybersecurity needs.


Tailored Protection for Every Sector. Our expert solutions address unique industry challenges, ensuring robust, specialized cybersecurity.


Strengthen Your Cyber Defenses

Enhance your cybersecurity posture with our expert services in penetration testing, red/blue teaming, and system hardening.

Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions

Explore our range of innovative products designed for the energy industry, from AegisXDR to SenseNet and beyond.