AI Aegis Lab Cybersecurity: Advanced AI-Powered Defense for Modern Digital Threats



AI Aegis Lab Cybersecurity is your organization’s last security shield, once the intrusion prevention, penetration, and vulnerability management defensive layers have been bypassed. We use the latest AI technologies to identify and catch malicious actors operating inside your digital ecosystem to cause damage or steal information. These actors can be typically categorized as follows:
  • Traitor is a trusted user native to your organization who possesses full access credentials but has turned against your organization with the intention of stealing or destroying valuable information or assets. Traditional detection methods often fail to identify such insider threats proactively.
  • Imposter has breached your security perimeter and operates within your system using compromised credentials to commit theft or destruction of valuable information. Imposer can include former or lower-level staff, consultants, or unauthorized intruders who manage to acquire higher-level credentials through various methods. Their behavioral patterns frequently differ from their peers’ category.
  • Unauthorized insider is an authorized user who has legitimate access to your digital ecosystem but unintentionally performs actions that harm your valuable data and compromise security postures.


Today’s enterprises and organizations have complex heterogeneous IT assets and architectures allowing remote and online access to increasingly mobile workforce, consultants, partners and clients. As a result, the concept of an absolute secure perimeter is a dream of the past. Traditional security systems can’t detect whether a user accessing data and confidential information is a good or ill-intentioned authorized user, or it is a disguised attacker agent. These can however, be detected by modeling and identifying the anomalous behavior of all entities in your digital landscape.


AI Aegis Lab Cybersecurity solution is a Machine Learning platform dedicated to behavior modeling and anomaly detection across all categories of your digital ecosystem:

  • Users and entities, endpoint devices, apps and processes, and networks. Our deep learning and machine learning models detect anomalous behaviors for single points, points of comparison with peers in the same category or by groupings of categories, and hard to track lateral movements across your network and assets with the goal of acquiring higher level credentials or asset control.
  • With our fully integrated platform, you can achieve your cybersecurity objectives in record time and within budget. By leveraging the ready-for-use tools and models, you gain the advantage of a robust AI-powered cybersecurity solution that is both highly customized and cost-effective. We understand the importance of providing a comprehensive solution that is tailored to your organization’s specific needs, and our platform is designed to fulfill those requirements efficiently and effectively.

AI Aegis Lab Cybersecurity is built with a modern scalable microservice-oriented architecture composed of the following modules:

Extracts & organizes, from raw unstructured data, meaningful features for behavior modeling.

Computes & organizes a series of customized actionable behavioral features for AI anomaly detection.

Multi-layer AI (ML and Deep) models for cybersecurity anomaly and threat detection across a very large set of behavioral features.

A series of dashboards shines light on defense lines against an increasingly complex threat landscape.


AI Aegis Lab Cybersecurity platform offers state-of-the-art powerful features to enhance your cybersecurity

1- Advanced Architecture. Our architecture is specifically designed for cybersecurity behavior modeling and anomaly detection. It leverages cutting-edge deep learning and machine learning models to provide robust protection.

2- No-Coding Platform. Aegis CyberML™ eliminates the need for coding or scripting, with an intuitive visual interface where data scientists and AI engineers can effortlessly drag and drop components of feature engineering and AI models. Parameters can be easily configured on-screen, simplifying the process.

3- Customizable Models. Aegis CyberEngineer™ offers great flexibility to create, via swift configuration, a custom model tailored and aligned with your organization's specific operations, needs and structure.

4- Seamless Data Integration. Aegis CyberXtractor™ seamlessly integrates log data from diverse networks, applications, systems, and sources. It efficiently handles various data formats, ensuring compatibility and enhancing its ability to detect threats.

5- Enhanced Threat Detection. AI Aegis Lab Cybersecurity can uncover complex and deeply rooted security threats that traditional rule-based security tools often miss. By harnessing the power of AI, our solution provides comprehensive threat detection capabilities.

6- AI-Driven Feature Engineering. Aegis CyberEngineer™ adds context and quantization to each data point, significantly enhancing the precision of behavior modeling and threat detection.

7- Alerting System. Stay informed about potential threats with our alerting system. You can set threshold levels, and the system will promptly notify you when a threat is detected, ensuring timely action can be taken.

8- Comprehensive Reporting and Dashboarding. Aegis Viewer 360™ delivers valuable insights into your cybersecurity landscape and offers monitoring of key metrics through user-friendly visualization and dashboard tools.

9- Expert Software Development. When partnering with us, all software development is provided free of charge. Our team of experts will handle the development process, ensuring optimal performance and seamless integration.

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