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Enhance your cybersecurity posture with advanced attack surface management. Leverage real-time asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, and threat intelligence for comprehensive digital protection.

What is AEGIS VulScan?

Revolutionizing Cybersecurity Through Comprehensive Attack Surface Management.

AEGIS VulScan stands at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation, offering a cutting-edge Attack Surface Management (ASM) solution designed to give organizations with unprecedented visibility and control over their digital assets. In today’s rapidly evolving cyber landscape, safeguarding against threats requires more than just reactive measures; it demands proactive, intelligent strategies.
AEGIS VulScan embodies this principle by delivering a holistic view of your attack surface. Through real-time asset discovery, meticulous vulnerability assessment, and advanced threat intelligence, AEGIS VulScan enables businesses to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. By integrating these functionalities into a cohesive platform, AEGIS VulScan not only streamlines cybersecurity workflows but also enhances the overall security posture, ensuring that your organization remains steps ahead of potential threats. Whether it’s securing vast digital environments or providing critical insights for decision-making, AEGIS VulScan is your ally in navigating the complexities of the digital age with confidence and agility.
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Key Features Of AEGIS VulScan

Explore the essential features designed to enhance your attack surface management.

Continuous Discovery

Unlock a new era of cybersecurity with continuous and automated discovery of internal and external digital assets. AEGIS VulScan ensures every component of your digital ecosystem is identified, tracked, and secured, leaving no stone unturned in your cybersecurity defense.

Issue Management

Streamline your vulnerability management process with AEGIS VulScan’s comprehensive suite of tools. From commenting and tagging to grouping and ticketing, our platform simplifies vulnerability resolution, making it easier to filter, search, and secure your digital assets against potential threats.
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Penetration Testing

Expose vulnerabilities before they become threats with AEGIS VulScan’s rigorous external and internal penetration testing. Our solution mimics the most sophisticated attack vectors, providing your team with the insights needed to fortify your defenses effectively.
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Scheduled Testing

Proactively safeguard your digital assets with scheduled penetration tests that align with your security needs. AEGIS VulScan’s automated testing ensures you’re always prepared for the latest cyber threats, maintaining a continuous state of readiness and resilience.
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Visibility & Control

Achieve unmatched visibility into your digital assets across IP ranges, domains, services, and cloud resources. AEGIS VulScan offers a comprehensive overview of your digital terrain, empowering you with the control to manage and secure your assets effectively.
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Internal Security

Deep dive into your network’s security with dedicated internal asset discovery and penetration testing. AEGIS VulScan provides a layered approach to security, ensuring your internal defenses are as robust as your external ones.
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Custom Testing

Customize your penetration testing to meet the unique demands of your digital environment. AEGIS VulScan allows for tailored testing profiles, focusing your security efforts where they’re needed most and optimizing your defense strategies for peak effectiveness.
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How it works?

The Mechanics of AEGIS VulScan
External Agent Pool: The Watchful Eyes
Positioned in the cloud, these agents scan the internet to identify and assess external digital assets, pinpointing vulnerabilities and securing the digital perimeter.
Deployed within your network, these agents focus on internal asset discovery and penetration testing, highlighting potential internal vulnerabilities.
Provides a centralized dashboard for real-time oversight, vulnerability management, and easy control of alerts, reports, and settings, all through a user-friendly interface.
Feeds detailed security data into AEGIS SecIntel for improved event correlation and incident management, enabling more efficient threat detection, analysis, and response.
Enhances security insights with real-time threat intelligence from AEGIS SecRadar, improving predictive security measures and threat awareness.
Integrates with AEGIS XDR for in-depth vulnerability assessments, using agent-based scans to identify and prioritize risks, boosting security response effectiveness.

Maximize Your Cybersecurity with AEGIS VulScan

AEGIS VulScan provides advanced insights, proactive threat management, and streamlined incident response. Protect your digital assets with confidence and ease.
Comprehensive Visibility

Gain deep insight into your digital environment, securing every aspect of your digital footprint.

Enhanced Security Posture

Utilize AEGIS SecRadar's threat intelligence and AEGIS SecIntel integration for enhanced security insights and predictive threat analysis.

Proactive Threat Management

With ongoing asset discovery and vulnerability management, address threats before exploitation.

Scalable Solutions

Whether medium business or large enterprise, AEGIS VulScan offers flexible plans—Basic, and Extended—tailored for scalable security solutions.

Efficient Incident Response

Streamline security with customizable penetration testing, real-time alerts, and comprehensive reporting for swift incident response.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate your cybersecurity with an intuitive interface that simplifies complex tasks, enhancing your organization’s security management.

Expert Support

Access to technical support tailored to your plan, ensuring you have the expertise and guidance needed to maximize your cybersecurity efforts.

Two AEGIS VulScan Offerings

This table outlines the key differences between the Basic and Extended AEGIS VulScan, helping potential customers
Feature Basic Extended
Continuous & Automated Asset Discovery
Vulnerability Management
External Penetration Testing
Scheduled Penetration Testing
Asset Visibility by IP Ranges, Domains, Services
Cloud Resources Visibility
Internal Asset Discovery and Penetration Testing
Customize Pen Testing Profile
Integration with AEGIS SecRadar (Threat Intelligence)
Integration with AEGIS SecIntel
Agent-Based Vulnerability Assessment (AEGIS XDR)
Real-Time Alerts and Notifications
Comprehensive Reporting
User Access Management
Technical Support Standard Priority
Plan Professional Enterprise

Frequently Asked Questions

Attack Surface Management is a cybersecurity strategy that involves identifying, managing, and securing all digital assets that an organization owns or is associated with. This includes visible and known assets as well as unknown, potentially unsecured digital assets exposed to the internet.
AEGIS VulScan offers comprehensive ASM capabilities by continuously discovering and assessing internal and external digital assets. It provides vulnerability management, penetration testing, and integrates with AEGIS SecRadar for threat intelligence and AEGIS SecIntel for SIEM, ensuring a robust cybersecurity posture.
Yes, AEGIS VulScan seamlessly integrates with existing cybersecurity infrastructures, including AEGIS SecRadar for real-time threat intelligence and AEGIS SecIntel for security information and event management (SIEM), enhancing your security operations center (SOC) capabilities.

AEGIS VulScan uses a dual approach, with both cloud-based agents for external testing and on-premise agents for internal network testing. It can perform scheduled and customized penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities from both an external attacker’s perspective and internal security risks.

Yes, all plans come with technical support. The Basic Plan includes standard support, the Professional Plan offers enhanced support, and the Enterprise Plan provides priority support to address your queries and issues promptly.
You can request a demo of AEGIS VulScan by contacting our sales team or signing up through our website. The demo will walk you through AEGIS VulScan’s features, capabilities, and how it can be tailored to fit your organization’s needs.
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Ready to Elevate Your Cybersecurity?

Dive deeper into how AEGIS VulScan can transform your organization’s security posture. Whether you’re looking to explore our platform firsthand or ready to select the plan that best suits your needs, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.