Defense and Offense Cybersecurity Packages Tailored for any Organization or Enterprise

Proactive & Protective: Red Team Attack Meets Blue Team Defense

Red Team Operations:

Your Preemptive Cyber Strike Force

In the digital shadows lurk adversaries waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Our Red Team Operations offer strategic advantages by acting as your personal team of ethical hackers.They simulate sophisticated cyberattacks, meticulously probing your infrastructure, applications, and cloud systems to uncover even the most elusive vulnerabilities. Our offensive specialists push the boundaries, employing service enumeration, vulnerability exploitation, and complex attack scenarios to prepare you for real-world threats.
Our Red Team doesn’t just test your defenses; they provide a transformative understanding of your security posture, turning potential weaknesses into actionable intelligence. By simulating the full force of an attack, we prepare you not just to respond but to anticipate, adapt, and act before threats materialize. Opt for our Red Team Operations, and command the high ground in cyber warfare.

Blue Team Defense:

Your Unyielding Cybersecurity Shield

As cyber threats multiply and morph with alarming speed, a dynamic defense isn’t just a strategy, it’s your survival. Our Blue Team Defense services stand as your digital bulwark, offering a comprehensive, responsive, and resilient shield safeguarding your enterprise around the clock. We meticulously scrutinize your systems, fortifying them with advanced security configurations, continuous patch management, and threat reduction strategies tailored to your unique landscape.
Our Blue Team’s defensive prowess extends beyond the technical; we empower your human element, enhancing their vigilance with specialized training and awareness programs. As your partners in cybersecurity, we ensure that every layer of your organization is imbued with robust security practices. With ongoing compliance assessments and vigilant monitoring, we don’t just defend your present; we secure your evolving future. Trust in our Blue Team Defense to turn your cybersecurity into an impenetrable force.

Choose an Elite Cybersecurity Package

Infrastructure Attack Surface

1 day, from $995

This package aims at safeguarding your core infrastructure, including network, servers, and third-party services, against potential cyber threats. We simulate a range of meticulously designed hacking attacks to validate, and exploit known vulnerabilities in these foundational components. We simultaneously deploy a range of defensive measures to counter these attacks by closing down these vulnerabilities. The ultimate goal is to offer a comprehensive solution to fortify the defenses of your organization’s infrastructure.

We provide a team simulating the tactics of an opportunistic attacker:
  • Service Enumeration: Catalog all services running on your network and servers’ infrastructure.
  • Vulnerability Scanning: Identification of weaknesses in your network and server infrastructure.
  • Vulnerability Exploitation: Performing targeted exploitation of the identified vulnerabilities as hackers would.
  • Privilege Escalation: Assess the risk of privilege escalation to mitigate potential threats.
  • Hardening Recommendations to strengthen the security of your network and server infrastructure.
  • Security Configuration Management: Review and enhance the security configuration of your infrastructure, network devices, firewall, and servers.
  • Patch Management Assessment: Ensure network and server patches are up-to-date and secure.
  • Threat Surface Reduction Strategies: Implement strategies to reduce your infrastructure’s attack surface.
  • Security Awareness Training: Educate your team on security best practices specific to your network and server infrastructure.

Application Attack Surface

1 day, from $995

This package aims at strengthening your application’s armor against potential cyber threats. We simulate a range of meticulously designed hacking attacks to uncover, validate and exploit known vulnerabilities in your applications, whether they are accessible behind a firewall or not. We simultaneously deploy a range of defensive measures to counter these attacks by closing down these vulnerabilities. By proactively identifying and addressing security weaknesses in your applications, we help you build robust defenses against potential threats.

  • Application Vulnerability Scanning: Conduct penetration testing to identify the vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your applications.
  • Exploitation Report: Confirm, exploit, and document in detail how hackers can exploit the uncovered vulnerabilities.
  • Simulated Attack Scenarios: Create and execute simulated real-world hacking scenarios exploiting the vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in your applications.
  • Patch Management Evaluation: Evaluate and recommend improvements of the patch management specific to your application, web server and associated libraries.
  • Cryptography Assessment: Assess the encryption protocols and ciphers used in your application to ensure they meet the highest industry security standard.
  • Customized Security Recommendations: Receive personalized security recommendations tailored to your specific application, addressing identified vulnerabilities and weaknesses to strengthen your security posture.

Insider / Intruder Attack

1 day, from $995

This package goes beyond the Attack Surface and simulates a hacker or insider traitor who has acquired valid user credentials or infiltrated your perimeter defenses. By modeling attacks from such more determined cyber criminals, we help you uncover and address vulnerabilities that might otherwise go unnoticed, ultimately bolstering your application’s defenses.

  • Injection-Based Testing: Probe and test for injection vulnerabilities, including XSS, SQL injection, HTML, XML, JSON injection, and more.
  • Authentication Exploitation: Simulate a hacker who has acquired valid user credentials to test authentication systems.
  • Business Logic Testing: Evaluate application transactions and flows, focusing on business logic vulnerabilities.
  • Access Control Assessment: Assess authorization controls, including vertical and horizontal assessment, privilege escalation, and access control.
  • Patch Management Enhancement: Evaluate and enhance the patch management specific to your applications, infrastructures, network, server, and libraries.
  • Data Breach Assessment: Identify and mitigate the risks of potential data breaches through potential insider attacks.
  • Session Security Analysis: Examine session control mechanisms, such as binding, termination, and cookie/token management, to strengthen session security.

Fortifying Your Office 365 Security

1 day, from $995

As organizations increasingly rely on Office 365 for their productivity and collaboration needs, ensuring the security of this cloud environment is paramount. Our Office 365 Security package is designed to uncover insecure configurations and nonconformances within your organization’s digital workspace in Office 365. It aligns with security best practices for Office 365, offering a holistic security review to safeguard and enhance your digital office in the cloud.


  • Security Assessment: Conduct a thorough security assessment of your Office 365 deployment, identifying vulnerabilities and weak points.
  • Access Control Evaluation: Evaluate access control settings to ensure they align with Office 365 security best practices, and pinpoint potential areas of concern.
  • Threat Modeling: Develop threat models specific to your Office 365 deployment to identify potential attack vectors.
  • Best Practice Alignment: Evaluate your Office 365 deployment against security best practices, aligning configurations where necessary.
  • Security Control Implementation: Assess and apply necessary security controls to Office 365 products, ensuring that Exchange, SharePoint, and Teams are secured.
  • Compliance Assessment: Verify compliance with security regulations and standards relevant to Office 365, ensuring necessary requirements are met.

Cloud Security

1 day, from $995

As organizations increasingly adopt cloud-based solutions for their applications and data, ensuring the security of these cloud ecosystems is paramount. Our Cloud Security package is designed to provide a comprehensive security evaluation and fortification for any cloud-native application or ecosystem, e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud.


  • Infrastructure Configuration Analysis: Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your cloud-based solutions, identifying vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and potential attack vectors.
  • Application Security Evaluation: Assess the security of cloud-native applications, including web applications and APIs.
  • Data Security Assessment: Assess the security of data storage and transmission within your cloud environment, ensuring sensitive data is adequately protected.
  • Access Control and Identity Management Review: Review access control mechanisms and identity management practices within your cloud ecosystem.
  • Security Scanning and Vulnerability Assessment: Conduct security scanning and vulnerability assessment to identify potential weaknesses.
  • Penetration Attack Simulation: Perform penetration testing to simulate attacks on your cloud infrastructure and applications.
  • Configuration Review and Optimization: Review and optimize the security configurations of your cloud infrastructure to align with best practices.
  • Data Encryption Implementation: Implement data encryption mechanisms to secure data storage and transmission within the cloud environment.
  • Access Control Enhancement: Enhance access control mechanisms and identity management practices to strengthen security.

Elevating Enterprise Security: Custom Tailored Enterprise Security Solution

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In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, enterprises require more than one-size-fits-all solutions. Our Enterprise Security package is designed for organizations that demand a tailored, comprehensive approach to security. This exhaustive package provides custom offensive and defensive services, modeling targeted attacks against your organization. Our expert security professionals use all available tools and techniques to meet your specific objectives, ensuring your enterprise’s security is fortified.


  • Tailored Security Assessment: Conduct custom-tailored security assessments to identify vulnerabilities, risks, and weaknesses specific to your enterprise’s environment.
  • Custom Penetration Testing: Conduct simulated custom-tailored penetration attacks against your organization to evaluate your readiness to respond.
  • Defensive Strategy Customization: Tailor defensive security strategies to address identified vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and threats, aligning with your specific objectives.
  • Compliance Assurance: Ensure your enterprise’s compliance with relevant regulations and standards, reducing legal and financial risks.
  • Detailed Security Roadmap: Receive a comprehensive security roadmap outlining actionable steps to improve and enhance your enterprise’s security posture.
  • Continuous Security Monitoring and Response Planning: Implement continuous security monitoring and develop incident response plans for swift threat mitigation.
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