Aegis Products Overview

Secure Your Digital Future

Explore our suite of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions designed to protect every facet of your enterprise. From XDR and UEBA to comprehensive SIEM systems and specialized services, elevate your security with AI Aegis Lab.
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Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

Protect, Detect, and Respond with Advanced Technology

Explore AI Aegis Lab’s full suite of cybersecurity products, tailored to secure every aspect of your digital environment. AEGIS XDR offers unmatched threat detection and response across diverse infrastructures. AEGIS AIUEBA employs sophisticated AI behavior and anomaly modeling to preemptively identify insider threats. AEGIS VulScan is a robust attack surface management delivering continuous asset monitoring and vulnerability assessments. AEGIS SecIntel is a flexible SIEM centralizing log data for enhanced incident analysis and quicker response times, while AEGIS SecRadar provides essential threat intelligence information to keep your defenses updated against emerging threats. Together, these solutions form a formidable barrier against cyber threats, safeguarding your enterprise with cutting-edge technology.

Aegis Products Overview

Our Cybersecurity Portfolio

Tailored Solutions for Comprehensive Protection
A comprehensive extended detection and response system that offers seamless security integration across digital assets and networks.
Real-time attack surface management, vulnerability scanning and attack simulation solution to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities swiftly.
Advanced AI and Machine Learning behavior modeling to detect deep and hidden insider abnormal and anomalous activities and threats within digital ecosystems.
AEGIS SecIntel
Security information and event management (SIEM) for real-time security event, log and data management and monitoring, and effective incident response.
AEGIS SecRadar
Gathers and delivers up-to-date and actionable threat intelligence from major cybersecurity data sources to proactively combat and neutralize threats.
Vulnerability Assessments & Hardening

Explore Our Full Range of Cybersecurity Solutions

Dive into our portfolio of cutting-edge products designed to secure your digital assets and infrastructure. From threat detection with AEGIS XDR to real-time intelligence from AEGIS SecRadar, discover how our solutions can fortify your cybersecurity posture.