Aegis Viewer 360™: Advanced Dashboard Visualizations for Proactive Threat Defense

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Aegis Viewer 360™

The Aegis Viewer 360™ platform offers a comprehensive suite of thoughtfully designed dashboards that serve as the main line of defense against the ever-evolving threat landscape. These dashboards provide a holistic view of the risk scoring process, offering both high-level overviews and detailed insights into various assets such as users, endpoints, apps, and processes. By flagging unusual data or behavior, these dashboards enable in-depth analysis of anomalies and threats, empowering organizations to take proactive measures. Moreover, the dashboards facilitate the quantification of normal asset performance across both digital and physical IT ecosystems. This valuable information provides insights into routines, habits, and preferences, aiding in the identification of deviations from the norm.
To ensure timely response to critical events or changes in risk levels, the platform incorporates automated alerts and notifications. This allows organizations to stay informed and take immediate action when necessary, bolstering their overall security posture.

Aegis Viewer 360™

The Aegis Viewer 360™ platform’s well-designed dashboards provide a robust and user-friendly interface to effectively monitor and address security risks in today’s complex threat landscape.

We offer a user-specific dashboard which integrates personalized cybersecurity insights and features for each user. The dashboard presents comprehensive user details, an interactive risk graph over various time frames, a summary of user risk, and a chronological user-related threat timeline. This in-depth profiling, along with behavioral tracking, helps identify and mitigate potential threats. Similarly, our asset dashboard operates in a similar manner, delivering a centralized location for a complete inventory of assets. Asset information, including operating system, asset type, location, IP address, and usage data, is presented alongside an interactive risk graph and asset-related threat timeline. By leveraging this asset dashboard, organizations gain valuable insights into asset vulnerabilities, enabling them to prioritize security measures and respond effectively to potential risks.

Our platform stands out with its detailed timeline view, highlighting the occurrence and type of threats for each asset. The main cybersecurity dashboard, user-specific dashboard, and asset dashboard together provide an invaluable tool set for maintaining a secure, resilient, and trustworthy network. By giving you real-time data and detailed analyses of your assets’ security status, Aegis Viewer 360™platform empowers you to proactively manage your cybersecurity risks and promptly respond to potential threats.

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